Townsite Mine

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Site 1: Townsite Mine

This property was originally owned by the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway. In 1906 it was leased to the Cobalt Townsite Mining Company. Their Chief Engineer, W. S. Mitchell, designed this building as a 'rockhouse', a shaft house which included crushing and sorting facilities. This type of structure was common to the tin mining area of Cornwall, England and the copper mines of northern Michigan. Several structures of this type were once landmarks in the Cobalt area.

2,614 pounds, solid silver from the Townsite Mine

In 1914 this property was acquired by the Mining Corporation of Canada Limited. By 1922 it had produced 13,000,000 ounces of silver, including the famous 2,614 pound 'nugget'.

At the front of this headframe facing the road, the ground has subsided to form a large hole. This hole leads to the underground workings and once extended back across the highway. It required extensive repairs during the 1990s. The subsidence was caused by miners removing silver-bearing ore too close to the surface.

LOCATION: opposite 27 Galena Street at Miller Avenue, south end of Cobalt. GPS: 47.391874, -79.691163

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Townsite Mine

1904-1905 Townsite Mine Sleep House

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