Heritage Silver Trail
Site 2: The Glory Hole

Glory Hole

The 'Glory Hole' is an open pit connected to underground workings. The pit drops down 250 feet (76.2 meters) and side tunnels trail out through the surrounding area. The ore mined from the sides of the pit was passed downward to a level below where it was loaded into cars and trammed to the nearby Townsite shaft for hoisting.

Along the walls of the Glory Hole, you get a rare glimpse of a cross section of mine workings.

LOCATION: Same as Townsite Mine (#01) Opposite 27 Galena Street at Miller Avenue, south end of Cobalt. GPS: 47.392866, -79.690555

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This image was donated to the Cobalt Public Library by Bill Francis. The Glory Hole is the larger void and the smaller hole next to the headframe is soil subsidence. Stay within the viewing platform and please do not jump the fence; it is not safe.

Glory Hole

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