Heritage Silver Trail
Site 5: Cart Lake Tailings Lookout

This lookout provides a view of a tailings pond that was once Cart Lake. The tailings are mostly from the Silverfields Mill which stood near the tall white-clad headframe (Silver Summit Shaft) still visible near the south east corner of Cart Lake. This mill and shaft were operated by Teck Corporation from 1968 to 1983. The Summit shaft was originally part of the Savage claim and owned by the McKinley Darragh Savage Company. Ore from this shaft was shipped to the McKinley Darragh Mill (Site #3) via aerial tramway from 1907 to 1928. The tailings are mostly from the Silverfields Mill which stood across the lake, near the south east corner.

Silver Summit Mine, formerly the Savage MineProvincial Number 2 shaft

Moving from the tall Summit shaft to the west (on the right) there was a smaller, rusty headframe on the south shore of Cart Lake. This property, the Provincial #2 shaft, was originally owned by the Provincial government from 1906 to 1909. At this point the government recognized its limited expertise in mining, sold the property to the Cobalt Provincial Mining Company, and reaped the benefits of royalties on production that continued to 1924.

The Provincial #2 shaft reached a depth of 350 feet and produced 287,000 ounces of silver, 54,000 pounds of cobalt and 2,800 pounds of nickel. It has since been demolished.

LOCATION: Coleman Road GPS: 47.383536, -79.684574

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Cart Lake June 20, 2018

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