Heritage Silver Trail
Site 6: Nipissing 96 Shaft

Nipissing 96 headframe

In 1908 veins 96 and 102 were discovered by trenching on this hilltop. Tunnel 96, the adit at Site #4, was driven to access these veins for mining. The two veins were mined upwards to the surface and downwards by means of a winze (a downward vertical shaft). By 1932 the veins had produced over 3,000,000 ounces of silver.

In 1968 the property was acquired by Agnico-Eagle Mines who opened the 96 shaft to connect with the levels below. In 1972 all work at this site was discontinued.

The Nippissing 96 Mine Site provides the visitor with a variety of interesting features including a lookout, a well-preserved hoist room with hoist, a headframe, a rock and mineral collectors dump, and the viewing platform offers a spectacular view down Into a 60 metre deep, ice-filled rock cut.

Update: Presently, the access road is partially blocked to prevent regular vehicular passage, but foot traffic can still climb the hill. The site itself is fenced off, as the headframe structure is no longer safe and there soil subsidence in the area. Visitors should excercise extreme caution. It may be that this location may have to be deleted from the Trail.

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