Heritage Silver Trail
Site 7: Nipissing Hill Lookout

Nipissing Low-Grade Mill

The lookout rests on the foundations of the Nipissing Company's Low-Grade Mill pictured here. Built at a cost of $375,000 in 1912, it was the largest mill in the Cobalt Camp. This mill also has the classic gravity-type mill starting with the stamps and passing the material downward to the ball mills, jigs, and sorting tables. Much of the ore processed here came by way of aerial tram from the Meyer Shaft (Site #12), the top of which can be seen as you look towards Lang Street.

Clearing by hydraulic hoses

Nipissing Hill is ofter referred to as the 'Whaleback' because of its shape. Once covered with soil and trees, it was washed clean in 1914 with high-pressure hydraulic hoses in order to search out the silver-bearing veins.

Between 1904 and 1932 the Nipissing Mining Company produced 93,000,000 ounces of silver and paid out $24.5 million dollars in dividends.

LOCATION: Nipissing Road GPS: 47.391338, -79.680132

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