Heritage Silver Trail
Site 8: Nipissing #81 Open Cut

drained Cobalt Lake

An open cut is simply a mine opening that begins on the surface, usually on the side of a hill or cliff. Later when underground workings reach the area, the opening becomes an open stope.

Many of the open cuts on ths hill continue down the hillside and under Cobalt Lake. When the silver rush began in 1903 the province of Ontario refused to allow the area underneath Cobalt and Kerr Lakes to be staked. On November 22, 1906 the Province of Ontrio announced it would sell the mining rights to the are under these two lakes to the highest bidder. There was less than a month in which to place a bid. A syndicate was formed in Toronto and won the right to mine under Cobalt Lake with a bid of $1,085,000. Cobalt Lake was drained several times to mine the rich veins found on the lake bed.

LOCATION: Nipissing Road GPS: 47.392461, -79.683625

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