Lawson Silver Sidewalk Vein

Heritage Silver Trail
Site 19: Silver Sidewalk

In 1904 a prospecting syndicate including Murdy MacLeod, John McLeod, Donald Crawford and Tom Crawford discovered a massive native silver vein on an old portage trail between Kerr and Giroux Lakes. As unlikely as it may sound, none of these men were related to each other.

Because of a disagreement among the syndicate members, the claim was tied up in litigation until 1908 when the Larose Mining Company negotiated a settlement. All four prospectors retired wealthy.

This vein became one of the most famous sites of Cobalt. Photographs of it became unofficial trademarks of the sudden opulence that could be attained in the Cobalt Camp.

LOCATION: Beaver Temiskaming Road GPS: 47.374202, -79.659979

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