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The Cobalt Historical Society maintains the Heritage Silver Trail, a self-guided tour through the Town of Cobalt and the back roads of Coleman Township. We are a volunteer, not-for profit organization. Our duties include keeping the trails clean and safe for those who visit the Historic Cobalt Mining Camp.

If you've been to Cobalt before, you have likely spotted the iconic head frame of the Right-of-Way Mine at the north end of Cobalt Lake. This is one of the few century-old mine structures that still stands today; the rest have long collapsed and have been removed.

"While Right-of-Way is not the only headframe still standing in the Cobalt area, it is the only one that really has a hope of standing another 50 years, provided the care is taken to protect it. Sadly, the others will all eventually fall because of the ravages of time, or because the ground beneath is too unstable. These were built as temporary, crude structures, and not built to last a century or more! But if cared for, Right-of-Way will be the last one standing. As such, it represents the shared heritage of the entire Canadian mining industry, destined to be oldest surviving headframe in Canada."

Charles Dumaresq
creator of the Cobalt Mining Legacy website.

From the Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club letter:

As you correctly noted, many of our members have gone collecting in the Cobalt area. The membership voted unanimously to help your cause. Please let us know how you are doing. It may be that we could help a little more, if you have a shortfall, and need us.

When we were raising money to build a new museum here in Bancroft, a number of mineral clubs and the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies sent donations to help. We were extremely grateful that people cared enough to support our project. While we are not yet finished the museum, we have raised enough on-going money to help out the other mineral and mining related projects.
We wish you success in this restoration project.

We thank the Canadian Institute of Mining for their magazine article on our fund-raising efforts.

You can see a fly-by of the Right-of-Way at this YouTube address.

During an inspection, we learned that the metal roof on the head frame must be replaced to maintain the building's integrity. If the work is not completed, we risk losing this significant historical monument. Repair work is estimated to be $37,000.

We have begun raising funds from our own membership, and are now appealing to those further afield.

We need your help, please, to accomplish the repairs to the roof of the head frame. Would you consider donating whatever you are able to help us achieve our mission?

We are now set up to accept your donations online. If you wish to send us an e-transfer from your bank, please use our email If you are local, or visiting Cobalt, you can bring your donations (cash or cheque payable to the Cobalt Historical Society) to the book store at 50 Silver Street, downtown Cobalt, across from the Fraser.

We thank you in advance for your support. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Maggie Wilson


Cobalt Historical Society

Funds Raised to date: $21,225 [May 23, 2021] Over half-way there!

To Donate: Please send your cheque to:

Cobalt Historical Society

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