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1919-1920 Vernon's Directory a listing of Temiskaming District Businesses and Residents Also available for download below.

Ontario Heritage Act Register Gives lists of properties designated as Heritage sites.

Heritage Trail on Virtual Museums website.

PDF Resources

2019 Heritage Silver Trail Map and 2019 Heritage Silver Trail Guide

Arthur Gordon Penman, an early mining man in Cobalt. The piece is one of a 51-part series Just Passing Through written by Allan Stacey for the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre in Capreol, for which he retains the copyright.

Francis Clyde Boyle Lendrum 1916-1995 A partial autobiography. The Lendrum family name may be familiar as Francis was born in 1916 to Cobalt Daily Nugget reporter Frank Lendrum and Ellener (née Boyle).

1957 Family Herald article about Antonio Giachino.

Natural Resources Canada and Ontario Geological Survey 2015. Heritage Silver Trail, Cobalt: Road tour of a historic silver mining camp; GeoTours Northern Ontario series

1896-1994 List of Mining Fatalities Ontario-wide.

1907 Buffalo Mines First Annual Report donated to us by Maurice O'Shaughnessy.

1908-10-26 AA Cole to JL Englehart A typed letter dated Oct 26, 1908 to J.L. Englehart, T&NO Railway, from A.A. Cole, Mining Engineer, describing a visit to Elk Lake and Gowganda in which he reports on various claims in those areas. [TR]

1908-11-06-AA Cole to JM Turnbull A letter on T&NOR letterhead to a gentleman in Trail, B.C., from A.A. Cole, the Mining Engineer of the railway, dated Nov 6th 1908. In this letter is a description of travelling to Gowganda via Earlton (?) to Elk Lake by road and thence further by canoe. A description is made of the geology and mining claims in the Gowganda area. [TR]

1909 Temiskaming Telephone Company Directory in PDF format

1911 Cobalt Audit Report is a very large file.

Occasion for the Audit

A fully signed petition from prominent ratepayers urged that annual statements of receipts and payments, assets and liabilities, had never been presented to them; that the methods of bookkeeping were not correct; that the auditing was inefficient, and that they were entitled to a complete statement of the financial condition of the town.

The scope of the inquiry covers the period of January 1, 1907 (the date of incorporation) to July 31, 1911. The mayor an council of the day requested that Hudson provide the following reports: payments to individuals over $100; annual cash statements; list of accounts in arrear; water, scavenging, police; detailed expenses of each department; any misuse of funds; a system of books and forms to be used by the Clerk, Treasurer, and other officials; and job descriptions for the Clerk and Treasurer.

Review of Findings

Condensing the remarks herein contained, there have been disclosed throughout the enquiry certain deficiencies in the treatment of funds and records that may be briefly dealt with as hereunder: Financing of an unbusinesslike character; Inefficient bookkeeping and preservation of records; Auditing incomplete and reports unpublished; Assessments neglected or arbitrarily changed; Tax Collections irregularly accounted for; Public works undertaken without proper regard to the ultimate cost; Incorrect and insufficient statements of receipts and payments, assets and liabilities; Inattention to the matters of bonds and insurance; Promiscuous payments connected with the Police Department; Absence of proper certificates, declarations and affidavits by important officials; Loss of important books and vouchers; Laxity in collection of tax arrears; Extreme looseness of Scavenging charges and collections; Discovery of nearly $2,000 monies overlooked. [almost $45,000 in 2018 dollars]; Finding of Water charges in confusion; Water books found sadly neglected; Construction funds heavily overdrawn; Lack of proper methods of accounting for receipts; Absence of estimates or appropriations

1913-12-01-AA Cole to JL Englehart A letter dated Dec 1, 1913 to J.L. Englehart from A.A. Cole, Mining Engineer, in which the latter provides an overview assessment of various silver claims in the Elk Lake and Gowganda Districts. [TR]

1919-Vernon Directory

1925-11-30 AA Cole to George W Lee A letter dated Nov 30, 1925 to George Lee, Chairman, T&NOR from A.A. Cole, Mining Engineer, is effectively a typed "Report on Proposed Railway to serve Matachewan and Gowganda Mining Area." [TR]

1928 Might Directory Town of Cobalt Streets

1928-Might Directory Cobalt 1928 List of Names

1958 Antonio Giachino retires

Cobalt's Designated Heritage Buildings List 1978

Gowganda Ho by NR Green a typed manuscript describing a very early canoe trip to Gowganda by a N.R. Green, titled Gowganda Ho. Unfortunately there is no date associated with this story, but it is from the early days prior to or during the discovery of silver in Gowganda, so 1907 thereabouts. [TR]

Archaeological Sites in the Historic Cobalt Mining Camp Presentation in 2008 by John Pollock

The Nancy Helen Mine a short article © Allan Stacey on the Nancy Helen mine for the "Handcar", a bi-monthly newsletter of the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre. Offered here with permission; if quoted credit must be given to Allan Stacey.

Cobalt's Mayors A compiled list by the CHS

Temiskaming Testing Labs technical report that was part of a presentation given by the mill manager in 1952 - CVJ O'Shaughnessy. Photos were taken by Alex MacLean in 1943. The photos were used as part of the presentation. These photos have been also been posted to our album on our Facebook page.

JPG Resources

1932-O'Brien Mine Gowganda 1932 Claim Map [TR]

Selected You Tube Videos

Silver Mining In Ontario (1925) British Pathé shows the actual drilling and blasting. 5:05

Cobalt, Ontario has been designated Ontario's Most Historic Community for the key role it played in opening the north to settlement and launching Canada's massive mining industry. This footage was taken by amateur film maker Anthony Giachino in the years following the silver boom (1920s, 1930s). 4:37

Winter In Cobalt More footage from Anthony Giachino of the historic silver mining town of Cobalt, Ontario.3:32

Vintage scenes of Cobalt, Ontario Ontario's Most Historic Town. Silver was discovered in the area in the summer of 1903, during the construction of the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway from North Bay to the communities of Haileybury and New Liskeard, north of Cobalt. Within a few years the area was one of the largest silver producing areas in the world. 3:46

Crown Reserve Mine in Cobalt, Ontario. 1:43 [KA]

Cobalt, Ontario Emptied out mining cuts from the cobalt boom days. 4:58 [KA]

Right-of-Way mining head frame that can be seen up close on a tour with the town or on your own adventure. 2:02 [KA]

Cart Lake and the Provincial Head Frame Old mining head frames and tailings pond. 3:22 [KA]

Little Silver Vein old mines in Cobalt Ontario. 1:06 [KA]

Nipissing 96 100 year old mining head frame on its last legs, and now no longer there. 1:57 [KA]

The Coniagas Mine in Cobalt, Ontario 3:13 [KA]

The History Of Silver Mines: Cobalt, Canada. 10:04

A short aerial tour of one of Cobalt, Ontario's most famous landmarks- The Townsite Mine. 2:23

Cobalt's Abandoned Mayfair Silver Mine Exploring the abandoned Mayfair Silver Mine Fall 2017, outside of Cobalt Ontario. 19:12

Bill Sutton describes the Ragged Chutes Air Plant on the day of its de-commissioning May 26, 1988 13:27

Nipissing Mine 3D Interpretation This is a 3D, computer generated model of the historic Nipissing Mine and Nipissing Hill in Cobalt, Ontario. [posted by North Country Aerial] 7:24

Don Wright: The Great Cobalt Abandoned Mine Adventure (June 19, 2020)

Don Wright: The Great Cobalt and Silver Centre Abandoned Mine Adventure - Part Two (Aug 1, 2020)

Cobalt Historical Society wishes to thank:

Appreciation is given to Ted Rafuse for sharing the documents marked [TR].

Deborah Vidmar for her generosity in allowing us to borrow the 1911 Cobalt Audit report and to have it digitized.

Kyle Audette for his permission to link his videos marked [KA].

Maurice O'Shaughnessy for the 1907 Buffalo Mines First Annual Report

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